Align goals, give instant feedback, celebrate success, and repeat easily.
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Drive engagement in four easy steps


Create an environment to stimulate peak performance by aligning goals and activities.


Foster a culture where your managers and employees exchange instant feedback.


Develop a sense of belonging between co-workers, managers, and crossfunctional teams.


Visualize engagement, performance, and pulse of your team through data-driven insights.

Promote a purpose-driven organization

Employees who understand the purpose of their work are more energized and focused at work. Create an environment where organizational goals are aligned with individual goals. Cascade the goals to every employee so they know how to contribute to your company’s success.

Share results quickly

Sharing results - both good and bad - motivates employees. Be quick to share the results of your team's hardwork and build brand ambassadors within your organization.

Visualize engagement on a dashboard

All your engagement metrics in one place accessible from anywhere. Having every team’s engagement history at your fingertips will provide insight about where to target attention to stimulate peak performance.

Welcome to the future of employee engagement

The days of annual performance reviews, 360 feedback, and engagement surveys are quickly coming to an end. Embrace the continuous feedback culture that will help you connect to the pulse of your organization, in real-time.

One dashboard for all your engagement needs

A one-stop dashboard to prepare for an executive update on engagement, report on talent management, and to easily spot future leaders of your organization.

Human Resources, reinvented

Social platforms within enterprises are becoming a mandate rather than a nice-to-have. Create an enriching environment for all your employees to communicate easily, share their victories, and grow in their careers.

Recognize quick and recognize often

In this socially-connected world, the future of work will be dependent upon continuous feedback and not annual performance reviews. Nurture your team and recognize their accomplishments often using the business social platform.

You are the champion

Eliminate the pain from performance review meetings. Instead of being blindsided by underperforming employees, equip yourself with data-driven insights to spot them quick, guide them in improvements, and watch them grow.

Business social platform

Emails and meetings are a constant distraction from day-to-day operations. Use the power of business social platforms to get updates and give instant feedback while simultaneously building your team’s visibility and reputation.

You are the most important asset

Get visible. Don't wait a year to receive performance feedback. Recognize your strengths and weaknesses quicker to make a better impact.

Power to the people!

Resumes are archaic. Build your #PersonalBrand, in real-time, powered by data-driven insights on a beautiful dashboard that tells your story better than any other medium. The best part is, this #PersonalBrand is yours, #FOREVER.

Finally - an engaging enterprise platform

Your consumer-driven social network experience finally arrives at your enterprise. Tag your soft and hard skills, recognize your peers, and watch your reputation grow, in real-time.

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