Talk is cheap. Nearly every organization has issued a statement endorsing Black Lives Matter and committing to do better. Many have said that before. It’s time to get past good intentions and box-checking. But how do you change a systematic problem? Systematically.

Revisiting policies and procedures with a scrutinizing lens is the key for employers to offer sustainably equitable employment. From global corporations to the smallest startup, every organization can revisit the way they do business to intentionally privilege the voices of People of Color.

Discussion moderated by Amanda Barnett, Behavioral Scientist at Performentor.

Panelists include :

Reginald Parker, PhD, MBA, Founder and CEO at Optimal Technology Corporation

Dr. Natalie Parks, Behavioral Scientist, Founder and CEO at Behavior Leader

Angela Connor, Business owner at Now Look Inward, Change Agent Communications.


Amanda Barnett

Amanda utilizes the science of behavior analysis to bring out the best in employees and align the individual team member behaviors to company mission and values.


Angela Connor

An author, a journalist, and a branding expert, Angela Connor helps brands communicate when the stakes are high.


Reginald Parker, PhD, MBA

Founder at Optimal Solar, Dr. Reginald Parker is an executive and innovator with experience in consulting, project development, commercialization, scale-up, and technology development.


Dr. Natalie Parks

As a behavior analyst, Dr. Natalie Parks' life is dedicated to solving real-world, socially significant problems. Dr. Parks now focuses on four key areas: organizational behavior management and leadership development, education and students, sports, and social justice issues.