Use your existing processes to contextually interconnect all aspects of performance conversations in the flow of work on one platform.

Continuous Conversations, Simplified

Have continuous conversations that connect your culture, purpose, goals, and performance.

Integrated People Experience Management Platform

Where conversations happen continuously, which results in higher productivity, greater retention, and a happier workplace.

Real-time Insights

Real-time People analytics with data driven dashboards that help improve the People Experience at all levels of your organization.

Kudos & Recognition

Help create a positive workplace culture. Cheer and celebrate success instantly as timely recognition matters!

Continous Feedback

Rather than wait for an annual review, use continous feedback to make course corrections, improving the performance of your People.

Purpose & Culture

Create a strong culture by aligning your People with the purpose and values of your organization to build a great brand.

Goals & Objectives

Promote transparent culture and visualize how work gets done at all levels of your organization.

1:1 Meetings

Build a feedback culture through continuous conversations. Easily schedule 1:1 meetings so that your People feel engaged and empowered.

Boost Engagement, Productivity, and Retention.

A great People Experience is key to a successful business.

A great customer experience can lead to a boost in loyalty, market share, and revenues. Imagine what a similar focus on the People Experience could mean for the business.


Companies with a great Employee Experience (EX) outperform the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) 500 by 122 percent.


Companies with highly engaged workforces are 21 percent more profitable than those with poor engagement

Source: Accenture Report entitled “Employee Experience Reimagined

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Allowing the employees to pick a topic is a great feature. Our 1:1s are more meaningful now.


Director, Technology

My 1:1s are more organized. You’re [All Elements] making People management foolproof.


Director of Technology

I really look forward to my 1:1s. That’s never happened before in my entire career.



Love the [1:1 meetings] template and the fact that both of us can set agendas and take notes together.


Chief of People Operations

Using All Elements helps us get more clear on what it takes to succeed on our quarterly rocks.



Importing [goals] from spreadsheets saves us significant time.


SVP, Marketing

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