Host consistent 1:1 meetings that are human and productive.


MeetingMaker™ helps you integrate conversations, recognition, and feedback into one platform.

1:1 Meeting Element


  • Automates collaborative agenda-setting between you and the People you manage.
  • Prompts you with questions across a range of topics so you balance getting down to business with getting to know you.
  • Makes it easier to give and receive constructive feedback.
  • Tracks your 1:1 meeting cadence to keep you and your People accountable.
  • Logs real-time feedback for year-end performance review and alignment with your company culture.


Recognition Element


  • Creates a central place to log feedback given and received including feedback shared on other platforms like Slack™
  • Integrates feedback from 1:1 meetings into continuous performance management and logs it for year-end performance reviews (because everyone forgets feedback from 10 months ago)
  • Tracks feedback against culture themes, providing a company health metric


Elevate managers into amazing coaches.


The dashboard brings it all together. Glimpse your team’s progress toward transparent, conversational culture.

  • Track 1:1 meeting cadence, recognition given and action items created and achieved.
  • Dashboard aggregates 1:1 Meeting agendas from across your team and delivers insights that make managers better coaches.
  • Spend more of your 1:1 Meetings in the areas that People uniquely value and identify conversation areas that are repeatedly missed.
  • Get real-time insights to build a high-performing team and prevent attrition.