Build a conversational culture through 1:1 meetings


Timely feedback that’s accurate and genuine makes People feel valued.


Do you cancel your 1:1 meetings because

You have nothing to talk about?

They make you uncomfortable?

You’re not fully prepared?

Make your 1:1 meetings

consistently human and productive.

Consistent, constructive 1:1 meetings are associated with


more accurate performance assessments


higher workplace productivity


retaining great people

Customizable 1:1 meeting templates

 1:1 Meetings Element automates collaborative agenda-setting between you and the People you manage and prompts you with questions across a range of topics to balance getting down to business with getting to know you.


Develop managers into coaches

 1:1 Meetings Element makes it more natural for managers to give and receive constructive feedback and tracks 1:1 meeting cadence to keep everyone accountable.



Elevate individual contributors

Encourage team members to take control of 1:1 meetings as their time with their manager and gives them tools to hold one another accountable.

  • Prompts two-way feedback, manager to contributor and contributor to manager
  • Highlights how often 1:1 meetings are canceled
  • Tasks discussed during 1:1 meetings can be assigned to either party